Top Blog Posts of 2014

December 30, 2014

It’s been a great year for the Stephan & Brady blog. We’ve dished on hot trends in digital media, great PR campaigns, getting the most from your creative team and how to stand out on social media channels. We’ve discussed changes in SEO and Google AdWords, how to work with bloggers and why you need to use style guides. Not to mention our posts covering modern web design, human psychology as it relates to marketing and even how to sell your big idea.

We’ve been busy. So as we gear up for an incredible 2015, here are our ten most popular blog posts of 2014. Did your favorite make the cut? Tell us in the comments!


Top 10 Stephan & Brady Blog Posts of 2014

10. Adapting Traditional Media for Success in the Digital World: Is there still room for traditional media in the modern, digitized world? If so, how does it fit in? Read more here.

9. How to Record the Best Voiceover: An advertising professional provides a short list of tips to help you record a damn good voiceover. Read more here.

8. Art Direction Secrets for Better Food Photography: Art directing a food photo shoot is all about balance. You need to find a way to be absurdly diligent about the details, while also keeping an unwavering eye on the big picture. Read more here.

7. Leveraging LinkedIn, According to a LinkedIn Exec.: Most professional organizations are on LinkedIn, but many grapple with exactly how to use it. How frequently should you post? What should you post? One LinkedIn executive tells us how. Read more here.

6. SEO Updates for 2014: What You Need to Know: Here are the top ten things you need to know to be competitive at SEO in 2014. Read more here. 

5. Get the Best Work from Your Creative Team: Creative professionals in the advertising industry dish on what to say—and not say—to get the best work from your creative team. Read more here.

4. How to Make Your Brand Shine on Facebook: Facebook is an essential tool for successful marketing, but simply having a page isn’t enough. These guidelines will help your brand stand out in the crowd. Read more here.

3. How to Create Sales Letters that Can’t Be Ignored: The best sales letters aren’t the ones that follow precise formulas. They’re the ones that work. Read more here.

2. Tagline Truths and Tips: Successful corporate taglines should be developed to clarify and support your brand. Read more here.

1. The FOMO Effect: Marketing in an Over-Connected World: Is your brand FOMO-worthy? Establish an insanely loyal fan base by tapping into the very human fear of missing out. Read more here.

Thanks to all of our readers in 2014! We’ve had fun sharing our insights with you and we hope they’ve been helpful. If we haven’t covered a topic that you’d like us to in 2015, let us know in the comments!


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Grate. Pair. Share.

Grate. Pair. Share.

This digital magazine combines recipes developed in-house with mouthwatering food photography.

This digital magazine combines recipes developed in-house with mouthwatering food photography.

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