5 Trends to Expect in 2017 & How an Agency Can Help

January 05, 2017

Now that we’ve explored why partnering with an agency is beneficial, we want to talk through some of the trends we’re seeing for 2017 and how partnering with an agency can bring them to life in your campaigns.

Here are five trends to expect in 2017:


1. Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR):

We’ve got two words for you: Pokémon Go. Although the hoopla over Pokémon Go has since subsided, the non-virtual reality is that this AR experience saw over 100 million downloads since it went live this year. While we might not be able to get you 100 million downloads, this has shown us that consumers are ready and eagerly awaiting AR and VR experiences. The good news is, agencies are also excited to take on these projects and can recommend ways to develop videos to fit most campaigns and budgets. Whether that’s a new 360 video or a fully immersive experience, this is something that brands should be embracing and we’re ready to help make it happen!


2. Live Streaming Videos:

Another big trend for 2017 is that brands will—and should—continue to use live streaming videos. With social media platforms quickly evolving into major marketing platforms, consumers are demanding ways to engage with brands on a more intimate level. Live streaming gives consumers insight and access to areas of brands they haven’t seen before. Agencies that specialize in or have a social media expert on staff can help develop topic areas and produce live streaming videos that will grant the real-time, inside access to your brand that consumers are craving. Needless to say, live streaming has been popping up everywhere and will continue to surface in 2017.


3. Personalized Content:

We’ve all read the articles about how millennials are turning traditional marketing on its head and that they want, nay demand, a more personalized brand experience. But they’re not alone in this. Consumers of all ages want to engage with brands and feel as if that brand is speaking directly to them. One of the best ways to do this is to narrow in on specific target audiences with specific topics—and surprise—agencies can help find those audiences. Narrowing the scope allows agencies to craft personalized messaging and reach consumers at the personalized level they’re expecting. A word of caution: you don’t want to paint yourself into a corner by getting too specific in your targeting. There’s a fine line between too narrow and broad enough when targeting audiences, and experienced agencies can help find that balance.


4. Influencer Marketing:

Influencers can have a huge impact on your brand and as such, more and more companies are looking for the best people to advocate for theirs. This is going to continue in 2017, partially as a result of the increase in internet sensations—companies don’t necessarily have to lean on expensive celebrities to elevate their brand anymore. The next “Chewbacca mom” is out there somewhere, and agencies are an excellent resource to make these contacts. Another known fact about agencies is we know and work with people all over the place. Whether that’s a popular blogger or a YouTube sensation, we just might know the perfect person to elevate your brand to that next level.


5. Data, Data, and More Data:

With new and advanced technology comes more and more data to sort through. We predict 2017 will be the year of mass data and who better to help navigate that rough sea than an agency? Agencies often have data specialists that know all the ins and outs of reviewing and analyzing all of that data—and even better—what it can mean for your specific campaign. Any agency worth their salt will take the natural next step and make recommendations for ways to optimize your campaign so that its performing at its best.

All in all, 2017 looks like it’s going to be a fun year! Now’s a great time to engage with your agency partner to start talking about how your business and brand can be taking advantage of some of these trends and really hit the ground running come January.

Questions about any of the trends above? Email us at for more details—we’d love to kick off a new and exciting project with you!


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Biggest Little Company

This comprehensive rebranding effort includes custom motion graphics videos, radio and print ads.

This comprehensive rebranding effort includes custom motion graphics videos, radio and print ads.

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