4 Reasons to Partner with an Agency

December 30, 2016

The last year has taught us a lot in the advertising world: anything can happen; the next “big thing” is always on the horizon; and, if you blink, sometimes that “big thing” is gone with nothing more than the shadow of a Pikachu reminding you of what could have been.

As we look into our crystal ball, this year looks like it is going to be even more exciting. With new trends and ideas already starting to edge over that horizon line, its becoming apparent that now, more than ever, is the time to partner with an agency and discover new and exciting ways to take your brand to the next level.


Why Should I Partner with an Agency When I have an In-House Marketing Team?

Ahh, the million-dollar question. This is the question that most CMO’s or other executives have to ponder at some point in time. Before we dive into how an agency partner can help with the latest and greatest in the coming year, its important to understand some of the benefits of partnering with an agency in general:


1. Cost

There have been countless articles written that show that partnering with an agency costs less than keeping everything in-house. Often, an in-house marketing budget is eaten up by payroll expenses. When partnering with an agency, you’re working with an entire team of experts, usually for far less than the cost of the salary of even one in-house executive.


2. Experience

That entire team of experts can also provide key benefits to you and your internal teams, such as in-depth knowledge of target markets, marketing channels, and data analytics among others. In many cases, it’s also incredibly valuable to get another—outside—perspective on your brand and business. It’s not uncommon for internal stakeholders to be so invested in your brand that it’s hard to see the forest for all the trees. An agency partner can help offer new ideas and potential marketing channels because they’re bringing a new perspective to the table.


3. Knowledge

Some people may not be aware of the amount of research agencies do to understand their clients. We want to know your brand inside and out, who you want to target, and what makes them do what they do just as much as you. Since marketing is an always on and always changing landscape, agencies make it their mission to know what’s trending and what platforms work best to communicate messaging. At S&B, we have a proven strategy and rationale for every tactic we recommend. Having a vast knowledge base of clients and channels and the ability to keep up on trends allows us to provide the best recommendations to reach those audiences and deliver on your goals.


4. Data

The amount of data available for any given campaign can be so overwhelming that eventually people stop paying attention and ignore it completely, or find themselves looking at data that has little meaning in achieving the goals set for that campaign. Agencies have experts on staff that can take all of that data and present it in an easy to understand format so it’s far less overwhelming. Through our knowledge of our clients and knowing what they want to see, we can also weed through the unnecessary information and provide you with exactly what you’re looking for, as well as the best ways to optimize your content to get the best from your campaign.


Let’s Partner Together

We look at all of our clients as partners. We’re here to help you get the most from your marketing dollars and the only way to do that is to really communicate and work as a team. We want to know what your in-house team is executing and where we fit in to help. If that means taking an entire campaign and running with it, we can do that. If that means taking a hold of one-off projects because they’re complicated and you may not have the internal resources to execute, we can do that too.

The bottom line is, we’re here for you–use us!

Have questions about partnering with an advertising agency? Send us an email at – we’ll chat!


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Grate. Pair. Share.

Grate. Pair. Share.

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This digital magazine combines recipes developed in-house with mouthwatering food photography.

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