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How to Make Your Brand Shine on Facebook

September 11, 2014

Facebook is an essential tool for successful marketing. But simply having a page isn’t enough. In a virtual world that’s extremely crowded, it’s important to take intentional steps to help your brand stand out.

The task can be daunting, but these guidelines will help.


1. Develop a consistent voice.

Facebook is a great tool for connecting with your target audience on a more personal, conversational level. Think carefully about your brand’s voice and keep it in mind for every post.

Brands like Oreo, Red Bull and Nike, are great examples of a strong, consistent, brand voice. The Oreo page, for example, is as fun as the cookie. Full of fake Oreo products and cool videos, it’s a good illustration of staying on message.

Oreo Watch


2. Include a mix of lifestyle and product imagery.

Images are always the focus of Facebook ads. Remember that you’re competing against personal images of people the user knows and other things that are highly relevant for them. There are 300 million photos posted on Facebook daily, so your images need to shine above Laura’s adorable puppies and Trevor’s latest vacation.

It’s essential that you chose the right images to tell the story and not just a pretty picture.


3. Match imagery and content to your audience.

A smart brand page will use lifestyle and product references that tap into things the audience cares about. So who’s your audience? Does it include CEOs who travel and spend a lot of time in hotels? Or are you targeting farmers in a rural community?

Good creative is thoughtful, timely and iconic. Every reference should further your brand identity.


4. Find creative ways to encourage audience participation.

Audience participation is key for a great Facebook presence, but it can also be tricky. Lego and Starbucks, for example, have expertly facilitated strategic audience engagement by encouraging users to share photos with their products.


5. Keep an eye on changes to ad specs. 

Facebook ad specs change very frequently, and the changes aren’t publicized in any special way. To stay on top of the changes you need to keep checking the guide.

For example, there’s a new large right-column ad available. Instead of the seven ads per right column, Facebook will now be showing just two, which presents a huge new opportunity for marketers.


6. Don’t develop images and creative in silos.

Images and copy must work together, which means if there are different people working on these pieces, they must work together, too.  Make sure the final product is reviewed all together, as it will look on Facebook, rather than in pieces. The best way to do this is to create test ads in Facebook’s Power Editor before sharing with clients.


7. Test copy with different images.

For a particular campaign, you should publish multiple versions of your copy with several different image options. Then, track the success of each and ultimately pull the less effective ones.


Do you have other strategies that have helped your brand shine on Facebook? We’d love to hear your ideas!  


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Say Yes to Better

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To support a revamped print ad campaign and refreshed branding, we created a versatile booklet for Jones.

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