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How to Create a Social Media Video Strategy

By Sarah Curry, Associate Social Media Director

April 03, 2018

If you are a consumer of social media, you understand the popularity and importance of video content. In fact, more than eight billion videos are watched on Facebook—every day. That means creating video content is no longer an option for brand or marketers on social media. Here are our top tips for building a social media video strategy.

First, it’s helpful to understand how video that is shared on social media differs from more traditional forms of video.

  • Consider Your Audience’s Attention Span – Consumers are bombarded with content on social media from friends and family, to influencers and brands. Viewers are restless, so keep that in mind when planning your video content, topic and length. As a rule of thumb, if your video is longer than a minute, think about posting it on YouTube instead of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Remember, most social media platforms consider a video view anything longer than three seconds for a reason!
  • Take Advantage of FOMO – Given the rise of bite-sized, disappearing video content (like Snapchat or Instagram Stories), we’re witnessing social media FOMO (fear of missing out). Consumers don’t want to miss any content from their favorite brands or influencers. Think of how you can use this to your advantage to create relevant, timely and exclusive content for your fans—from behind-the-scenes access to promotions or coupons.
  • Live Video – A huge difference (and advantage) of social media video content is the ability to live stream content to your fans. Recent statistics have shown more than 80 percent of fans prefer live video from a brand to static images or pre-recorded video.
  • Production Value – The increasing popularity of bite-sized and live content has shifted consumer expectations for branded video content. Consumers expect and welcome video that is off-the-cuff, especially when it feels like they are getting exclusive access or going behind-the-scenes. That’s not to say your content shouldn’t look polished and match your branding whenever possible, but don’t let production value get in the way of creating social media video content.

As with all social media content, it’s important to outline a social media video strategy—ideally as part of your overall content strategy. Here are a few key points to consider when building your strategy:

  • Why Video? –What are you trying to achieve through video? What is your goal and how does that ladder back to your broader social media goals? Is it to educate? To engage your audience? Make sure that foundation is set before building the rest of your strategy.
  • Consider your Channels – Not only do different social media channels have different video requirements, consumers also have different consumption behaviors on each channel. For example, HubSpot found 30 seconds was the optimal length of an Instagram video, while Facebook videos that are one-minute long performed best. Plus, brands can share post in-feed videos on Instagram (which are longer and always visible on your profile) or Instagram Story content (which is bite-sized and disappears unless saved). A channel and content strategy should be a part of any social media video strategy.
  • Social-First Video – While it can make sense to share your commercials or other highly-produced video assets on your social media channels, also consider what video content you can create that is exclusive to your social audience. Not only does this help ensure your content is relevant and timely, it also forces you to create content that is optimized for each channel.
  • Create a Separate Live Strategy – Live video should be treated as its own type of content and really deserves its own strategy. Taking time to consider your goals for live video, your live video content and which channels make sense for your live video will result in the most engaging and successful content.

How have you been using videos on social? What’s worked? What hasn’t? Comment below…we’d love to chat more.


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