The Integreater™

By McKenna Sokol, Senior Account Executive

February 11, 2019

When you’re in charge of a marketing budget and are given the task of “making X, Y or Z successful,” the stress can pile up fast. Whether you house your marketing efforts in-house or hire out for it, there is always major pressure to make the dollars you have go a long way while bringing in a huge ROI.

At S&B, we’re obsessed with data. We know that without it, success would be impossible to prove, but we also know that we couldn’t keep making things better without learning what didn’t work so well, too. There are a ton of different options in terms of reporting and ways data can be laid out to show the full picture of what your campaign has accomplished, but we didn’t want to settle for anything incomplete. So, we created our own reporting tool – The Integreater™. While not everyone needs (or wants) a reporting tool this robust, it allows us to gather data across all marketing communication efforts and showcase it in an easy-to-read dashboard.

When you’re starting the process of tracking your efforts’ success, the first thing you need to do is define your objective. Do you want to sell more products online? Generate leads? Get consumers to come into your storefront? When looking at the results of your efforts, look at each tactic you used with your objective in mind—ask yourself how that tactic supported your goal. For example, if you ran a Facebook Ad and received results that show a very high cost-per-click, you may be inclined to say that tactic didn’t work. But, if your goal was brand awareness and you had a very high reach for that same ad, you may need to take a step back and consider your goal before you make final judgement on that vehicle.

With digital advertising and communications being as important as it is, data is available on almost anything you could ever want to track. This can absolutely be a daunting task for anyone—even agencies! What to track, how to track it and how to make sure every option available is being utilized can quickly become overwhelming. Our best advice when it comes to this is simple: take it one step at a time. Want to advertise on social media? Start with one platform and research its native reporting capabilities. Review everything it offers and make notes about what’s most important for tracking your success. Then, do the same for the other vehicles you are considering. Once you have an overview, everything will seem more doable.

Whether you decide to keep your results in their native formats, use a pre-existing reporting tool or create your own like we did, take the jump and start putting together a plan. Marketing communications can be tricky and supporting data is only going to make your decision-making process that much easier and more informed.

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Water Technology, Inc. Website

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Check out our work for this global leader in aquatic planning, design and engineering.

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