Three Consumer Trends Shaping Foodservice Marketing

By Megan Bykowski-Giesegh, VP & PR & Social Media Director

March 05, 2018

In 2018, consumer demands for increased convenience and perceived value will continue to influence and help shape the food industry. While this evolution has major implications for B2C food companies, there are valuable insights for B2B companies as well. We take a closer look at how three related trends are influencing the foodservice industry and creating valuable marketing potential.


Shifting Food Values

Evolving consumer attitudes are driving a new set of values about what’s expected from the food consumed at foodservice and retail. Quality and affordability aren’t the only factors driving purchase decisions. New core values like enhanced nutrition, social responsibility, animal welfare and environmental responsibility are proving important in purchase decisions. While your company or product portfolio most likely can’t align with every perceived value out there, now is the time to evaluate the story you can tell and leverage that story with your customers.


Deeper Digital Influence

Consumers are using digital technology to influence and help educate nearly every purchase decision, even when the ultimate purchase is still happening inside a brick and mortar store. For example, more than half of all grocery sales are now digitally influenced. And, the digital content delivered via search is paramount in helping drive sales. 87% of consumers rate product content such as photos, descriptions and reviews valuable in helping decide what to buy.* In today’s digital era, it’s important to remember that your customers are consumers as well. Have you considered how you can better utilize digital media to convert product interest into actionable sales leads? Or, what a customer will find when they visit your site? It’s just as important for B2B websites to pay off interest with the necessary site content to help convert sales.


Convenience Reigns Supreme

Technological advances are helping introduce new consumer conveniences within the industry, but the term convenience has also become synonymous with faster. Mobile ordering and delivery are leading the convenience trend, but convenience reaches even father, influencing everything from the types of meals consumed (i.e., quick service and ready-to-eat), to new product introductions. Now is the perfect time to look at how you can evolve the way you do business or your product portfolio to help customers deliver on convenience. Once you have a story to tell, move that message to the forefront of your customer communication.

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*2017 Deloitte grocery digital divide survey.


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To support a revamped print ad campaign and refreshed branding, we created a versatile booklet for Jones.

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