Our Top Blog Posts from 2016

December 19, 2016

At the end of every year, we love looking back at the ideas we’ve shared and topics we’ve covered. From communicating authentically as a brand to technical advertising advancements, we’ve covered a lot of ground.

As we look back at our top ten posts from 2016, two trends become incredibly clear. First, some parts of our industry are changing extraordinarily quickly—like digital advertising technologies. And secondly, the core elements of our business never will—like understanding your customer.

So as we gear up for an even better 2017, here are our ten most popular blog posts of 2016. Did your favorite make the cut? Tell us in the comments!


Stephan & Brady’s Top Blog Posts of 2016:


10. Our Top Tips for Paid Social Media Success

When it comes to paid social media campaigns, everyone has the same burning questions. Luckily, we’ve got some answers. Read more here.


9. 5 Tips to Get the Best Social Content from Your Agency

Learn how to maximize your time—and your agency’s—to get the most effective social content for your brand. Read more here.


8. The Google AMP Revolution

In modern website development, speed is everything. But as sites get “heavier”, how do we continue to make them faster? Read more here.


7. How to Write for Different Mediums

The first post of this two-parter focuses on writing for traditional mediums, while part two covers digital copywriting tips. Read more here.


6. Get Your Story Covered by Major Media Outlets 

Read our five tips to help ensure your message stays top of mind with members of the media. Read more here.


5. Why You Need a Chief Customer Officer

It’s critical that one of the first steps we take is to get deep into the heart and mind of our clients’ customers. Read more here.


4. Brands: Be Authentic. Drop the Buzzwords.

What happens when we stop operating so cautiously and allow our brands to be truly authentic? Read more here.


3. 7 Best Internet Easter Eggs from Your Favorite Sites

An Easter egg is a joke, message or feature hidden within an app or website. Check out some of our favorites. Read more here.


2. 2016 Alchemy Awards—A Night to Remember

With eight Awards of Excellence, one Award of Merit and the coveted Best of Show, S&B took home the most awards in 2016. Read more here.


1. How to Convert Digital Ads from Flash to HTML5

In 2016, we witnessed the death of Adobe Flash, and the rise of HTML5. Read more here.


Thanks to all of our readers, commenters and sharers in 2016! We love writing about what’s interesting to us, in the hopes that it’s useful to you.

If there are topics that you’d like us to cover in 2017, please let us know in the comments below, and as always, email us at if you have more questions about a topic we’ve covered.

Cheers to 2017!


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Family Traditions

Family Traditions

This marketing campaign paired TV commercials with refreshed branding, online advertising and more.

This marketing campaign paired TV commercials with refreshed branding, online advertising and more. mob

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