9 Big Trends in Retail Marketing

By Marki Landerud, VP/Partner, Account & Business Development Director

December 09, 2014

Shopper behavior is always changing, and as an Account Director, I need to be on top of these changes. Are coupons still in? What are the hottest shopping apps? And how much do reviews really matter? It’s my job to know.

Recently I attended The Shopper Marketing Conference & Expo in Minneapolis. For those of you who nerd out about the latest trends in retail marketing like I do, you would have loved it.

Each year, nearly 4,000 marketers, agency executives and retail professionals who develop shopper strategy along the path to purchase attend to share latest best practices and industry insights.

Personally, it’s important for our agency to attend industry events like this so that we can bring the latest tactics and tools to our consumer-facing clients. Especially in a world with such a large emphasis on all things digital, it’s great to learn about a number of apps and digital options all in one place.

In the spirit of sharing, here are the top 9 things you need to know from the 2014 Shoppers Marketing Expo.


Top 9 Trends in Retail Marketing

  1. Millenials want to engage: Unlike their boomer predecessors, Millenials want to engage with a brand—so give them easy channels for engagement.
  2. Capitalize on digital data: Tracking, targeting, reporting and optimizing all things digital is king.
  3. Optimize creative: When it comes to digital, build it and launch it doesn’t work anymore. The creative aspects need to be optimized throughout the campaign execution.
  4. Some people need to see it to believe it: When pitching new ideas, consider providing on-shelf virtual displays to bring to your sales meetings.
  5. Reward with brand equity: Don’t just give out coupons—reward consumers with brand equity. The more consumers interact with a brand, the more they earn.
  6. Apps, apps and more apps: There are currently a ton of coupon and reward apps that are competing for the same consumer. The question is, who will be around next year?
  7. Targeting and data: Data cannot only help you decide where to advertise, but also how much and when based on sales data. Now that’s targeting.
  8. Consumers care about other consumers: Take consumer feedback and reviews seriously. Consider placing consumer reviews on the product section of your website if applicable.
  9. Walmart Savings Catchers are the hot topic: The “catchers” cement Walmart’s low price image and give consumers confidence. How do they work? Scan your Walmart receipt with the Walmart app. The app compares prices with local competitors’ ads, and if it finds an identical product for less somewhere else, you get an eGift Card for the difference.


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Say Yes to Better

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To support a revamped print ad campaign and refreshed branding, we created a versatile booklet for Jones.

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