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Breakfast Better With Jones

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Now in its third successful year, the Breakfast Better with Jones campaign continues to gain traction as we shift media and creative strategy to adapt to changing attitudes and consumer breakfast trends.

Research told us that we have been successful in earning brand awareness with our traditional audience of boomers. At the same time, new opportunities were emerging among younger target audiences who are looking for new ways to enjoy breakfast given their active lifestyles and dietary desires.

A result, we shifted our strategy to millennials and Gen Xers while maintaining our campaign theme and key unique selling points. Doing so would maintain continuity with our legacy audience while reaching an entirely new one.

Older millennials and Gen Xers are busy, and while they are still eating breakfast, it is only rarely the traditional sit-down variety traditionally conveyed in Jones advertising. To showcase how Jones can fit into their busy lifestyles, we developed a social media campaign that featured quick and easy recipes for on-the-go eating in on-trend formats.

We connected with the new target audience in a way that felt relevant and familiar to them by sharing ideas for enjoying Jones products every day of the week in a fast-paced series of videos inspired by a TikTok trend. Featuring Jones 7th generation family member Lisa Caras, our audiences can see themselves, and their every day reality, in these high-energy social media placements.

Product attributes are still important to the new target audience, especially as its members strive to eat healthier and explore new dietary lifestyles. This series of ads dives into what makes Jones products relevant to their needs.

Authentic flavor and ingredient attributes are the star in our digital display placements, both static and animated. Advanced targeting technology enabled us to reach our audience in and around key retailers where Jones products are sold.

  • Jones Dairy Farm 2020 display ad examples
  • Jones Dairy Farm 2020 campaign display ad examples
  • Jones Dairy Farm 2020 Campaign display ad examples

To create consistency with our paid social campaign, we took hundreds of images during production to use in executing our social strategy, which focuses on growing followers as well as developing brand connections. We achieved this by showcasing recipes, products and the brand story, leveraging our own assets as well as influencer and user-generated content.

Encouraging trial is still a vital factor in bringing new consumers into a CPG brand and couponing is popular among our target audience members, so partnering with key retailers continues to be a strategic part of our campaign. We also advertise in store publications, giving shoppers usage ideas, including recipes.


The campaign generated 132.5 million impressions and 12.1 million engagements—a response rate of more than 9%. In addition, paid advertising drove nearly 400 thousand visits to the Jones website and 200 thousand visits to retailers.