Event Recap: The Tastewise Generative AI Food Pioneers Summit

A short video showing some of the highlights of Tastewise’s Generative AI Food Pioneers Summit

A short video showing some of the highlights of Tastewise’s Generative AI Food Pioneers Summit

If you’re in the food business (or any industry that analyzes data**checks notes**wait, that’s all of them), AI promises to be a number-crunching and predicting dynamo pointing us in the direction consumers are going even before they get there. The folks at market insight firm Tastewise have jumped into the AI waters with both feet and at their conference in Chicago, they invited us in, saying the water is just fine.

Our Top 3 Takeaways From the Event

  1. AI is a gift for marketers everywhere, automating certain parts of our jobs that don’t require a lot of strategic thinking, just time—freeing us up to do more of the long-term planning we need to do for our clients.

  2. AI, especially for a platform like Tastewise, is changing the food space by giving even the biggest, most complex food brands the ability to identify trends faster and, maybe most importantly, identify the right time to act on them. It’s also allowing much smaller players the ability to “act” a lot bigger by democratizing data that used to only be available to those with massive budgets.

  3. AI is an incredible tool, but it certainly isn’t going to be “taking our jobs” as marketers. There are still a lot of flaws in the systems available, meaning they should be used with caution and plenty of human supervision. And that human touch will most likely always be needed to contextualize and relevantly deploy the data and content AI generates. It won’t be taking our jobs, just making us better at them.

The best approach, it seems to us, is to get comfortable with using AI now, becoming and staying fluent in what it can (and can’t) do. This way, we can all benefit from the impressive assistance it’s already capable of providing and quickly incorporate new abilities into our strategizing and portfolio of services for our clients.

At S/B, we’ve combined more than 50 years of food experience with the power of Tastewise’s platform to continue moving our clients’ business forward. Sound interesting?

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