Building Better Content Calendars

Stopping the Scroll Over Your Cinnamon Roll

Recently, we dropped in on Social Media Breakfast – Madison and shared what we know about building more compelling content calendars. In less time than it takes to enjoy your morning pastry, you can go over our recap. If anything really resonates, though, be sure to download the whole presentation deck at the link below.

5 Takeaways on Conveying Core Messages in Your Social

#1 Uncover Your Universal Truth

Duolingo’s universal truth is “learning a language can be fun!” And they demonstrate this with a fun mascot getting up to hijinks and teaching language lessons along the way in an absurdist Gen Z-style.

What’s your universal truth? What are some on-brand ways to show it?

Content Calendar Blog Duolingo

#2 Tell the Same Story Over and Over (and Over) Again

If you’re on TikTok, that darn owl is everywhere. Part of that is the spend, sure, but a lot of it is because Duolingo puts that darn owl everywhere. Every of-the-moment trend is co-opted by staging the owl in a place or situation that speaks to it.

You might think your content is getting repetitive, but your customers or potential customers don’t see every execution you do. What’s more, consumers need to see a message several times before they remember it. Tell the same story over and over, but switch up the channels and the executions a bit for variety. The sleepy time Celestial Seasonings bear does a nice job of that.

  • Content Celestial Tea 1
  • Content Celestial Tea 2
  • Content Celestial Tea 3
  • Content Celestial Tea 4

#3 Consider the Shareability Test

Do your posts inform, assist or entertain? If so, they’re going to be more likely to be shared.

The National Park Service entertains and draws you in with this adorable wave from a bear. But then informs and assists us with how to actually respond when we see a bear in the wild, an invaluable skill, I think we’d all agree.

Content Calendar Blog National Park

#4 Look to Your Audience

Duolingo didn’t double down on the owl initially, they started to notice that their users were organically using it in memes and social content and said, “heeeyyyy…wait a minute. People already like it, let’s run with it.”

#5 Be Trendy—Yet Timeless

You want to create ownable content that makes your brand instantly recognizable. Yasso makes tasty frozen yogurt bars. Whether they’re using product shots, packaging or they’re out by the pool, every post looks like a Yasso post. It signals their existing fans and starts the brand recognition journey for potential customers.

Content Calendar Blog Yasso

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