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Establishing your expertise in a specific ingredient category requires more than simply having the right products. It requires that you truly differentiate yourself against competitors.


Kalsec® has a robust story to tell when it comes to heat management, so we helped them bring it to life. Not only did they get their start with capsicum, they now offer one of the deepest and broadest portfolios of heat management solutions and natural pepper-based ingredients.

Establishing Kalsec as an expert in all things heat started by collecting their proprietary global hot and spicy food trend research into a comprehensive ebook for prospects. This piece was part of an inbound campaign that helped generate leads for Kalsec.

  • Kalsec Heat Solution comprehensive e-book
  • Kalsec Heat Solution e-book global spicy food trend
  • Kal Heat Solu 1 C

A paid media campaign supported the ebook. Tactics were selected to help build awareness of Kalsec as a thought leader while also promoting downloads with the goal of maximum impact in a short amount of time. The S/B media team partnered with leading food industry publications, including Prepared Foods and Food Navigator for a campaign that included a product spotlight, a content marketing article eblasts and banner ads.

Kalsec Heat Solution ad examples
Kal Heat Solu 3
One of the key learnings from the research contained in the ebook is further confirmation that consumers prefer transparency on product labels. When it comes to pepper-flavored products, they prefer to know the specific source of heat. And with a wide range of on-trend pepper extracts, Kalsec is uniquely positioned to help food manufacturers achieve that differentiation. That was the foundation of our advertising strategy.
Heat solutions lit up the International Food Technology trade show where Kalsec's heat-focused booth included custom campaign t-shirts and stickers. Booth visits were encouraged with a preshow mailer that facilitated the creation of a custom spicy snack mix they could sample at the show. The booth beat the previous year's record for qualified leads.
Kalsec's Heat Solutions brochure was also available at the trade show and is a part of Kalsec's comprehensive suite of corporate literature. It dives into the company's history with heat, provides an overview of products and positions Kalsec as the industry's foremost expert on heat management solutions.