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As consumers experiment with products like almond "milk," authentic dairy products are facing competition. And, as the competition grows, it is becoming increasingly difficult to discern what's real from what's plant-based. The REAL® Seal was developed to help consumers find authentic dairy products, but very few consumers knew about it, or what it stood for.


When you look at nutrition labels, real dairy products far outperform their imitators. In addition, a true imitator has yet to emerge when it comes to flavor and performance. By using compelling images to bring those differences to life, and promoting the REAL® Seal as the stamp of assurance, we set out to change the consumer behavior.

S/B strategized and designed a new site for REAL® Seal that focused on the assurance the mark provides. A consumer education section shows how REAL® dairy stacks up to imitations, creating a preference for products that bear the REAL® Seal, and an easy-to-use REAL® Guide helps consumers find certified brands and products. In addition to being a resource for consumers, the new site accommodated online certification for food manufacturers, making it easier than ever to apply for the program.

  • REAL® Seal image of website homepage
  • graphic featuring several REAL® Seal website pages
  • graphic featuring several REAL® Seal website pages
  • REAL® Seal image of a brand page on the REAL® Seal website
  • REAL Seal 404 Page Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk

On Facebook, we featured a series of comparison placements that show the differences between REAL® dairy products and their plant-based competitors. We also highlighted the unmatched nutrition delivered by dairy.

REAL Seal summer superfood smoothie recipe

Our fact-based placements were balanced with posts that featured recipe inspiration and simple celebrations that highlighted the enjoyment of REAL® dairy.


Since we began working with REAL® Seal 2018, we've helped them amass more than 13 million impressions and increased the size of its Facebook community by 15 percent. The new website saw a total user and session increase of more than 100 percent over their former site.