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3 Social Trends You Need to Know Now

By Sarah Curry, Associate Social Media Director

July 05, 2017

Social media is not a set it and forget it marketing tactic. It requires constant attention, not just to your own channels but also to broader trends and shifts within the space. Here are three things we’re paying attention to in the social media space for the remainder of 2017.

The Redefinition of Social Networks

Given the competition in the social media space for consumer attention, each social network works to carve out their own niche to demonstrate value to brands and advertisers. This has caused an interesting trend the past several years that seems to be accelerating as social companies seek to redefine themselves. Snapchat has long held that they are a camera company and not a social network, and with the recent removal of their “Like” button, Pinterest is reasserting themselves as a “visual discovery platform.” This serves to add distance between the companies and Facebook and Instagram, who continue to dominate the social media space. While this may not have an immediate impact for brands and marketers, it’s worth paying attention to these shifts and the potential corresponding changes to each platform’s offerings and tools.

Social Stories

While brands may have been hesitant to join Snapchat, the introduction of Stories on Instagram and Facebook have provided an easy, low-risk way for any brand or company to test out these daily, short-form videos. And given their popularity (Instagram Stories have now surpassed Snapchat in terms of daily active users) brands should consider adding Stories to their social media strategies sooner rather than later. In addition to helping brands share real-time updates, Stories also provide a new advertising channel for brands to consider as well.

Collaborative Content

A secondary trend has emerged in relation to Stories on social media with the introduction of collaborative Stories. While Snapchat has long featured Snap Stories for events or locations, they recently rolled out custom Stories, which enables users to invite others to collaborate on a Story or a set a geoblock that is open to anyone within the boundaries. Similarly, Instagram now features location-based Stories in the “Explore” tab. Posts are automatically added to the location Story when a location sticker is used. Both features provide brands an opportunity to expand their reach and could have interesting potential for influencer marketing.


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Summer of Curds

This social media promotion capitalized on the love that people have for Wisconsin cheese.

This social media promotion capitalized on the love that people have for Wisconsin cheese.

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