Why You Need A Chief Customer Officer

May 18, 2016

As you likely know, most “C-level” management personnel usually have titles that begin with “chief.”  Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Chief Operations Officers (COOs) and Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) can be found in organizations worldwide. And sure, at Stephan & Brady this is no different. However, on each of our business cards, you will find something a little different. Something that reads “Chief Customer Officer” to the right of our names. What does that mean?

Here at S&B, our mission is to become our clients’ Chief Customer Officer (CCO). We focus all of our strategic and creative power on answering questions critical to connecting customers with brands. Questions such as: Who are they? What action do we want them to take? What do they need to feel confident taking that action? How do we creatively communicate to that need? This keeps the customer at the center of our strategic process. And our creative product focused on action. So, how does it work?

It’s critical that one of the first steps we take is to get deep into the heart and mind of our clients’ customers. We do so by gathering demographic, ethnographic and psychographic information to understand what drives them to act. We get to know their likes and dislikes. Their hobbies. Their profession. Their aspirations. Their fears. Their daily schedules. By the time we’ve done a thorough analysis, we know them so well, they’re like a best friend. Think about it—who do you connect with better, a stranger or a best friend?

While, at times, the process solidifies what we already assumed about the relationship between a customer and our client’s brand, more often than not, it reveals a surprise opportunity that becomes a critical component of a strategic marketing plan. There is beauty in every detail, and the customer is the most beautiful of all. From strategy to creative execution to delivering ROI, that customer is our guiding light.

We take this part of our process so seriously, we create a persona for each and every one of our clients’ customers. These personas are comprised of a representative image of a person who has the right “look” (age, clothing, hairstyle, etc.). Then, we give that person a name and a profile that we use in our work each and every day. They look a little something like this:

They are in our offices, our meeting rooms and our proposals as a constant reminder of what’s important. Being a chief customer officer means that we challenge ourselves every day under the watchful eye of the people who really matter–our clients’ target customers.

Need a chief customer officer on your team? We’d love to chat.


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This comprehensive rebranding effort includes custom motion graphics videos, radio and print ads.

This comprehensive rebranding effort includes custom motion graphics videos, radio and print ads.

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