Perks of Professional Organization Participation

By McKenna Sokol, Senior Account Executive

February 11, 2019

A lot of businesses have been making moves to become more open, flexible and employee-focused, making workplaces everywhere not only more enjoyable, but more productive. Stephan & Brady is no exception to that philosophy and we in particular love to have employees using their brainpower in ways that don’t always directly benefit our company.

Sound weird?

Much of our team here at S&B have committed a pretty decent amount of their time to some sort of club or professional organization—and we love that! A couple great examples of this participation and volunteerism is through the American Advertising Federation’s Madison Chapter and Public Relations Society of America’s Madison Chapter; with various employees and Partners volunteering with the club and serving on the board, S&B is able to stay in tune with the industry as a whole here in Madison and beyond while creating a comradery between agencies and companies that makes our jobs just that much more fun.

While of course everyone’s jobs here at S&B come first, it’s truly beneficial to our team to allow that flexibility to attend a board meeting, a speaker event, a networking event, the list goes on! Many of these organizations our team participates in, AAF and PRSA being two of them, offer opportunities for professional growth and development within their programming packages. When one of our team members pursues an opportunity such as that, they come back energized and ready to share what they learned with the rest of the team. An hour or two out of one person’s afternoon ends up boosting the team’s energy and offers valuable information to everyone!

Especially when it comes to professional clubs and organizations, networking is a clear advantage. In an industry as varied as marketing, these organizations offer a platform for a wide host of members, speakers and companies. Not only does this provide new business opportunities, but recruiting opportunities and -gasp- even opportunities for personal connection!

Similar things can be said even of participation in organizations that don’t directly relate to the industry you work in—having employees who volunteer their time with animal shelters, tutoring, food pantries, etc. add to the company culture in a unique way. Naturally, with any connection to another organization or company, new business and networking opportunities will arise. But more importantly, with an environment that supports everyone’s varying interests outside of work, it makes for a more diverse group of people with unique points of views and experiences.

On the surface, an employee participating in an organization that would take them away from their desks at times may seem like a no-brainer—”of course not!” But, speaking from experience, the benefits can often heavily outweigh the few hours a month they’d be out of the office.


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