Website Development at S&B: Site Maintenance

August 08, 2016

Earlier this month we explored how to select the right platforms for your website and took an in-depth look at S&B’s process for website development projects. In today’s final post of this series, we’re discussing maintenance plans for websites.

As we like to say here at S&B, websites are living, breathing things that constantly need to be updated. You can’t just launch a website and walk away. You need a marketing and social media plan to help drive traffic to the site and a continuous SEO optimization plan. Maintenance plans include reviewing site goals and seeing how well those are being achieved. Continually reviewing a website allows us to ask, and hopefully answer, where there is room for improvement and how we can better serve the target audience in order to increase site traffic, sign-ups, leads, etc.

In a digital world that’s moving so quickly, it’s important to work with a partner that’s looking forward and anticipating the newest digital technologies. At S&B, we’re constantly monitoring important industry changes in SEO algorithms, innovative content strategies and web design advancements. As part of our monitoring and optimizing plans, we make recommendations to help our clients keep up with these advancements.

You, and your agency, invest a lot of time and energy into developing a website—but the go-live date is never the finish line. Failing to properly maintain a website is an unfortunate waste of a big investment. A well thought out and routinely executed maintenance and optimization plan can help to ensure that your website keeps up with an ever-changing digital world.

Building a website can feel like a daunting task. That’s why it’s so important that you feel confident that your partner has your company’s success and your customer’s needs in mind every step of the way. To learn more about S&B’s website development capabilities, contact us today.


eat cheese curds

Summer of Curds

Summer of Curds

This social media promotion capitalized on the love that people have for Wisconsin cheese.

This social media promotion capitalized on the love that people have for Wisconsin cheese.

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