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Another Year of Making Better Breakfasts with Jones

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In its fourth year, the Breakfast Better with Jones campaign continues to outperform its benchmarks by resonating with a variety of very passionate audiences:

Gen Z-ers want to grab healthy whole foods on their way out the door. Millennial parents want the same thing for themselves and for their kids. And while Boomers aren’t a primary targeted audience for this campaign, they love a traditional sit-down breakfast complete with sausage and bacon.


We leveraged the clean labels and convenience of Jones Dairy Farm’s products to speak to the younger generations. Meanwhile, Boomers are attracted to the family-owned branding that has been a major pillar of Jones’ advertising for decades.

All of this has formed the foundation of the Breakfast Better campaign, effectively seeing Jones through some tumultuous, COVID-influenced retail years.

Our priorities for FY23, based on what we learned last year and the trends we saw developing in the market, were the following:

  1. Greater Brand Transparency
  2. Positioning Product Attributes & Use Cases Just Right
  3. Reaching Targets Where They Live with Video Content

Philip Jones, 6th-generation family member & CEO and Lisa Caras, 7th-generation family member and Marketing Director, pose on the porch of the family farmhouse.

1. Greater Brand Transparency

Consumer expectations for action on issues like sustainability and fair treatment of workers continue to expand into more issue areas.

By some estimates, in 2012, half of all consumers cared about issues that only affected customers. By 2022, however, their concerns have extended, with many now caring about how a brand treats its employees, what the brand’s core values are, and how sustainably their products are made.

  • We produced a series of Honest to Goodness videos, some focusing on Jones’ employees and the positive company culture.
  • For the first time ever, Jones allowed a crew to film inside their plant, illustrating their commitment to transparency.
  • This content was carried over to organic social with shorter videos and graphics made of the best quotes.

2. Positioning Product Attributes & Use Cases Just Right

The data tell us that consumers are more interested in small, incremental improvements to health & wellness that they can incorporate right away than they are in a total lifestyle overhaul. As a result, people are looking for functional health support in their food.

Additionally, for breakfast at least, convenience is an expectation. 42% of shoppers prefer adaptability in their breakfast food. They value being able to use it in a variety of recipes and dayparts.

JDF Paid FB Mock
  • In video spots, top attributes identified as being important to our target were highlighted.
  • We A/B/C tested copy options with our Best Bite static ads, positioning the top handful of product attributes differently. “Protein” overwhelmingly proved its value to our target.
  • A few of the strongest performing organic social posts featured attribute- and adaptability-forward recipes.
  • The influencers we work with created innovative, delicious recipes incorporating of-the-moment trends and new ways to use Jones’ products, showcasing their adaptability.

3. Reaching Targets Where They Live with Video Content

The average American spends 13 hours a day using technology or consuming media: 5 hours video; 3 hours audio; 1.5 hours social.

(Source: Activate Technology & Media Outlook 2023)

  • Jones’ Sizzle video ads leveraged the ASMR-like sound of sausage cooking and the like. They also lent themselves perfectly to audio ads on podcasts and music streaming services.
  • We switched the strategy of our influencer program from sponsored blog content to sponsored social videos.
  • Jones’ organic social focused heavily on Reels, using the videos to provide usage ideas, trendy recipes and education on their products and their attributes.

The Results of Breakfast Better
with Jones, FY23



+34% YoY

Engagement rate on Facebook
for an average engagement rate 25% higher than the industry average.

+68% YoY

Engagement rate on Instagram
for an average engagement rate
34% higher than the industry average.

+Less than $0.10

Cost per engagement
for our influencer ambassador program.



Ad impressions


Ad clicks


Website visits

All in all, the client is happy with how we’ve been making the sausage lately:

“It’s rare to find an agency that truly understands our company and values, and carries that through all creative and strategic aspects of our work together. I’ve been inspired by S/B’s social media content creation, touched by the storytelling, and proud of the assets that this team dreams up. Jones trusts S/B and that’s why we’ve been partners with them for years.”

—Lisa Caras, Jones Marketing Director