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As an international food and beverage ingredient company, Kalsec® needed to establish universal guidelines for its communications beyond logo usage, a logo that had to remain.


Our first step in getting to know any client is to dig deep. When it comes to branding, we dig even deeper. We learn all the ins and outs of the past, present and future of the organization. Its successes and failures. Its opportunities and challenges. And, most importantly, its vision for the future.

This discovery phase led us to a positioning that could work with the company's current logo, building a rich story around it with consistent imagery and language.

Kalsec began more than 60 years ago as a producer of natural spices and herbs for the food industry, and its hardworking people have been innovators ever since. From spice and herb extraction to antioxidant management to color stabilization, it's the work that Kalsec's experts do that make a real difference for customers who care about natural, high performance ingredients for colors, flavors and stability. They can get a true advantage when they include ingredients that are "Crafted by Kalsec™" in their formulations.

collage of Kalsec brand design elements

The new selling line logo incorporates the company's existing logo and comes with a brand story, key messaging by target audience and consistent design elements, including typography, a color palette, photography and design. In all, this new brand evokes the idea that working with Kalsec is like working with an expert craftsperson. Much like an artisan furniture maker finds the best wood and works tirelessly to craft a timeless piece, the experts at Kalsec take the best of nature to create clean ingredients, and it's their careful, innovative craftsmanship that helps take foods and beverages to the next level.

  • Crafted by Kalsec ad examples
  • Crafted by Kalsec ad examples
  • Crafted by Kalsec ad examples

The brand was seamlessly integrated into a series of ads that included specific information about each of Kalsec's areas of expertise. Whether print or digital, the strong story and artisan-based design elements help depict a clear point of differentiation for Kalsec among its competitors.

Crafted by Kalsec went on the road in a series of trade shows that incorporated the new brand guidelines. Its high touch nature proved to have stopping power. This booth resulted in 400 qualified leads, which was on par with the massive uptick we helped them achieve the previous year.

  • Kalsec Heat Solutions brochure image
  • photo of printed Kalsec spicy global trend graph
  • Kalsec Innovative Brewing Solutions print example

From product brochures to sell sheets to technical papers to ebooks, the strong messaging and carefully planned design elements have been easily pulled through to create a universal look and feel for the company.